Our Mission

We strive to maximize the potential of persons with disabilities to become independent, well-rounded, self-confident individuals.
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Who We Serve

Since 1986 Pegasus Farm has provided equestrian activities, predominantly horseback riding, for individuals from the age of three through adulthood who have special needs for the purpose of promoting positive physical, motor, cognitive and social development.

All applicants must go through a standardized assessment process conducted by certified staff to determine if this service is appropriate for them. They must be able to sit upright and maintain sufficient support of their upper body, head and neck to be safely supported on the horse or in the carriage. A doctors release is also required. On-going assessment is conducted throughout the participants time at Pegasus to ensure appropriateness of service. Each participants individual situation will be considered thoroughly.

Participants are placed in a class of up to six individuals according to their age, interest and ability. Certified equestrian staff assign students to the program as suitable class openings, horses, staff and volunteers are available to meet their needs.

Classes are held on a weekly basis, which are organized into quarterly sessions. The cost of each lesson is offered at a reduced rate of $37.50. Pegasus Farm staff will work individually with each family to utilize funding resources that may be available to them. A limited number of scholarships are also available for those in need. 


Alex started riding at Pegasus at the age of three. He was diagnosed with severe Autism and is visually impaired. Alex has made so many improvements in his seven years of riding-his vision, following directions, interacting with other children and expressing his feelings for the horses. My favorite improvement is watching Alex grow and discover more about what he can do and become more independent. My dreams for Alex become more realistic as I watch him change and grow every year with the program.

Beth Morehouse, Parent of rider Alex Morehouse